Naveceuta, S.L. joins a prestigious and selected team of independent experts in their respective professional areas, with the industry best practices. Thus, Naveceuta, S.L. gets cover not only major disciplines and areas of expertise to meet its commitment to Shipping Projects & Interim Management for the shipping sector and Transportation industry, but also a wider range of business and industrial sectors.

Naveceuta, S.L. can meet any need that arises during the process of restructuring and the implementation of strategic business project.

Multidisciplinary service: from the purely business vision until related legal, labour psychology and HR, or innovative business skills and Strategic Marketing and Digital Marketing. Naveceuta, S.L. also has external professionals with whom have a close and long working relationship, and to provide additional and complementary services related.

Naveceuta, S.L. responds globally, through its specialized team, during the whole process of Strategic Consultancy and Interim Management.


Founder & CEO

Jose Rodríguez (La Coruña, Spain · 1969)


Jose Rodriguez has over 25 years experience in the Transportation sector, having held Senior Management positions in transportation and shipping corporations in Spain (since 1987) and Latin America (1997-2001), and has been a Founder, Managing Director and Board Member of several companies specialising in the transportation of passengers and  freight.

His extensive experience has spanned many disciplines including a Shipowner, Ship Agent, Sea and Air Freight Forwarder and a Shipping Broker. He has hands-on experience of the supply chain, warehousing and distribution, surface transportation; and of the Tourism sector, he has founded metropolitan lines and touristic shipping lines, managed the acquisition and merger of travel agencies groups. And currently is also dedicated to the Technology sector providing leading and innovative IT and Business Intelligence solutions to the Passenger Vessel Industry.

He created his own Strategic Consulting Business which specialised in the approach and implementation of Strategic Management Processes (SMP), definition and restructuring of Strategic Business Units (SBU), and is Managing Director  for the maritime sector.


Jose Rodríguez is an individual with vision, business acumen and an ability to make things happen. He has integrity and honesty I would not hesitate to work with him again“.

– Owner and CEO, at a leading Shipping Corporation


Areas of Expertise:

Maritime CEO, Senior Partner, Chairman

Chief Global Strategist CGS

Chief Strategy Officer CSO

Managing Director 

Interim Manager 

Project Manager

Transport Advisor & Shipping Consultant

Business Coaching