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Interim Management

Various situations in the life of a business may lead to the need to hire an Interim Manager: crisis management, managing change or transition within a company, MBOs (Management Buyout), IPOs (public offerings), mergers and acquisitions or project management. The functions of our Interim Manager can be very varied, so it requires extensive knowledge and expertise in the maritime sector and Transportation industry, to lead to success the Interim Management.

Value of our Interim Management for the maritime sector

Expertise. Our Interim Managers have a high level of industry knowledge, often being sensibly over-qualified to assume the duties, incorporating management skills and know-how/know-who that allow us to be productive, with an impact from the start, which maximizes the success probabilities.

Liability. Responsibility for the agreed outcomes, a success key piece.

Effectiveness. Actively add value to our customer maritime organization, as a result of the experience and management approach.

Commitment. Our Interim Managers maintain high professional standards, and that future work is based precisely on the references and track record of success. That is why we maintain a direct interest in the success of the request.

Objectivity. Our Interim Managers, as independent practitioners, are not constrained by the culture of the company, offering a fresh and innovative perspective, focusing on what’s good for business.

ROI. The Interim Manager will help you with their experience and management skills to achieve results and targets, which is a real return on investment for the customer.

Haste. Looking for quick control of the situation, to reach a pragmatic solution, and based on our experience in the industry, our Interim Manager works with the critical time.


Stages of our Interim Management for the maritime sector

Preliminary Evaluation and Due Diligence.

Diagnostic of situation.

Proposal for Interim Management.

Implementation of Interim Management.

Transfer and Termination Process, with the possibility to participate in a new project.